A living, breathing piece of clothing that produces oxygen.

Azgard9 turned a sci-fi fashion dream into reality, by making a sustainable garment that produces Oxygen. It was produced with their most recent motto in mind — “Future Before Fashion”, which focuses on the development of products and solutions with low impact on the environment. It was developed with the London-based, award-winning transdisciplinary design research studio Post Carbon Lab and then sent to key people at all the major fashion retailers, simulating a piece from their Fall / Winter 2043 Collections. The aim was to show big fashion brands that a future with truly green solutions such as this is possible now.

Treated with microbial pigmentation, the hoodie behaves like a plant. It takes in carbon dioxide and turns it into glucose and oxygen, using photosynthetic microorganisms. During its life cycle, the poncho neutralizes the impact of its production, improves the immediate environment of the wearer and produces approximately the same amount of O2 as an oak tree.

Azgard9 is a leading Pakistani denim producer which has put in place this highly innovative and challenging fashion project, aspiring to materialize what the future of fashion might look like.

“While brands are thinking about their next collection, we have been thinking about collections of and for the future. In fact, about what garments may look like fifty years from now. So, we actually produced what could be part of every brand’s collection in 2043, if we all work towards the same goal. We were tired of thinking about how we could change the “Future of Fashion” for the better and decided to actually do something about it.” 

Ahmed Shaikh, CEO @Azgard9


“Life will always find a way, as sure as clothes can breath.”
(Future Proverb)
Innovation is the way. Mainstream sustainability is the destination.

While Azgard-9 has materialized an idea from the future, the goal is now to turn it into a mainstream concept. Serving as a wearable manifesto for the fashion world, the living poncho is being shared with the retailer’s global network, that goes from large fashion groups like LVMH, to the biggest fast fashion brands like ZARA.

True to the belief that the planet belongs to everyone, Azgard-9 wants its idea of sustainability to be accessible to everyone. An idea of Mainstream Sustainability that materializes the motto “Future Before Fashion” has been created to propel people to act now.

Azgard-9 turns a sci-fi fashion dream into reality, by making a garment that produces O2.
And here’s how:

Treated with microbial pigmentation, this garment's hood lining behaves like a plant. The photosynthetic microorganisms imbued in the fabric take in carbon dioxide and turn it into glucose and oxygen. During its life cycle, the poncho neutralizes the impact of its production, and improves the immediate environment of the wearer, producing approximately the same amount of O2 as an oak tree.

This garment is made up of a fabric with anti-bacterial configurations. Fabrics treated with an antibacterial finish offer additional protection against bacteria and mold. Unlike synthetic fibers' natural resistance to microbial growth, these chemical finishes are designed to actively inhibit growth or eliminate bacteria or fungi.

The Anti-odor technology spec captures and blocks odour-causing bacteria that come from our bodies, neutralising it before it interacts with sweat. Moreover, the C.O2.A.T. fabric is so breathable it helps cooling down after stressful or draining activities.

With certified resistance against Covid-19 and other coronavirus strands, the C.O2.A.T. destroys these submicroscopic infectious agents merely after a couple of seconds of contact. With the predicted rise of viral pandemics worldwide, this will also become a detrimental feature in mainstream clothing production.

This garment is composed by an extremely light, breathable fabric which makes wearable during any season.

The XL hood and free-flowing structure of this garment make it an extremely comfortable and convenient protective clothing item.

Against dust and dirt, rain and wind, UV-A and UV-B radiation, pollution and other external micro-aggressions from the environment.